Design and 3D printing

You lack resources in mechanical design or 3D printing. I have been passionate about CAD software since the mid-90s. I started 3D printing in 2016 with an Ultimaker 2+. I use Autodesk Fusion 360™ daily which allows me to combine these two worlds.

Perch for an electronic bird feeder

The perch is designed in two clip-on parts to allow quick replacement of the RFID antenna housed therein :

Perchoir pour oiseau - Projet Openfeeder

The shape of the perch obliges the birds to present themselves optimally for the detection of the RFID rings crimped on their legs. This shape also prevents several birds from landing at the same time.

Perchoir pour oiseau - Projet Openfeeder

32 feeders were deployed in the french Pyrenees between fall and spring. More information on this electronic feeder : Openfeeder project.

Device prototyping

You have an idea and you need to validate its feasibility or to design a prototype. Thanks to my multi-skill profile, my network and your expertise, let's convert this idea into a reality together.

Measuring device with Bluetooth transmission

Study and realization of the electronic device :

Prototype éléctronique (RSL10)

Design and production of the case by 3D printing :

Boitier impression 3D

Programming of the PC (Python©) and smartphone (Flutter™ SDK) interface for displaying the signal transmitted via Bluetooth :

Application smartphone (Flutter)

Microcontrollers programming

You look for someone to programm a microcontroller, or to upgrade an existing code. I code in C language on Microchip PIC microcontrollers (PIC16, PIC18 and PIC24)and on Arduino.

Openfeeder firmware

The Openfeeder is a electronic feeder build to study the behavior and cognition of birds in their natural environment .

Electronic board and its resources :

Prototype éléctronique (RSL10)

The source code of the firmware is available on GitHub.

32 feeders were deployed in the french Pyrenees between fall and spring. More information on this electronic feeder : Openfeeder project.

Fusion 360™ programming

You need to add a feature or automate a task in Fusion 360™. I can use my advanced knowledge of its API and develop an add-in in Python© language. I can also assist you in its publication on the Autodesk App Store. Very active on the Fusion 360 forums, I am a member of the program Autodesk Expert Elite.

Autodesk Expert Elite

My extensions for Fusion 360

3D Print Plus

3D Print

Extended versions of the 3D Print utility with: custom orientation, units conversion, automate file naming… More…

3D Print Pro

3D Print

Same as 3D Print Plus with: one-click export, settings saved between sessions, tools to manage STL files… More…

IDF import


Import IDF file generated by electrical CAD systems in Fusion 360. More…

GitHub to Fusion 360

GitHub to
Fusion 360

Automatically download and install add-ins from a GitHub repo. More…

Tube Bending Data Exchanger

Tube Bending
Data Exchanger

Exchange tube bending data between Fusion 360 and CNC bending machines (XYZ and LRA/YBC). More…




Basic calculator


Display a basic calculator. More…

Check computer specifications

Check computer

Check computer specifications recommended by Autodesk for Fusion 360. More…

Memory Used


Display the memory consumption of Fusion 360 in real time. More…

Open Folders


Open folders in Windows Explorer or in MacOS Finder directly from Fusion 360. More…